Why are there holes in the box?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love cats. I still remember being 5 years old and asking my parents for my first cat. That year, my parents woke me up early on Christmas (not the other way around somehow) and they directed me to open a very specific present, a present that had holes poked in the cardboard box… a present that hod holes poked in the box, and was meowing. Now I know little kids are stupid, but even I could figure out there was a cat on the inside of that box. I carefully and delightfully unwrapped the box and welcomed my very first (and probably slightly frightened) kitten 😀

Ever since then, the Pockat household has always had at least one cat. Some we had to go out and rescue, some were born at our house, some people would drop off for us, and some would show up in our raspberry patch. One of my cats is actually featured in a promotional video for my single “Spending All My Boyfriend’s Money.” I wasn’t sure how Louis would respond to having a mound of dollar bills rained onto him, but I couldn’t have scripted a better reaction. The video clip can be seen on my instagram as well as my facebook fan page. I even wrote a song about finding a cat that cures my homesickness in a song called “In a Heartbeat.”

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