First Kiss really does paint the picture

Early in my songwriting I tended to stick to the truth. The first verse of First Kiss really does come close to accurately describing my first kiss. I was camping with my family and my parents usually took vacation around the same time as their friends. Their friends had two sons, one a year older and one a year younger than me. Rather than retell the story which you can easily listen to in my song First Kiss I’ll let you listen. Instead I’ll tell the sequel.

The two boys whom I spent a good deal of my early childhood with would sometimes “fight over me” so to speak. Whenever I found myself alone with either of them, they would kiss me. And then they’d implore me to confess which one of them I liked better. No matter which one I was with I would always tell him the same thing, “Of course I like YOU the most!” They each responded the same way, “Then STOP kissing my brother!”

My childhood is painted with memories of skipping rocks, catching crayfish, tubing on the lake, and burning marshmallows with these boys and I’m so happy to have immortalized one of these memories in the form of a song. In case you were curious about the second verse of First Kiss, that came from my cowriter, Caroline, who remembered reading the story in a magazine when she was a kid.

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