How it all started

I'm glad I didn't realize how bad I was at songwriting when I first started. Luckily I had guidance from the music scene of Northeast Wisconsin to encourage me as well as challenge me to hone in the craft. I now consider songwrting my biggest strength as an artist. My EP Purple Taurus (2020) is a deeply personal album and contains much of my earlier work. The singles of 2021 are a little more advernterous as is my upcoming LP Men on the Menu. Slowly I am checking the boxes of experiences I'd like to have as an artist.

I am excited to meet my new fans and share my life and music with everyone. If you need my jokes check out my Twitter. If you need my silly stories check out my Instagram. And if you need my music check anywhere (except soundcloud and that bandcamp)

While my first EP album, “Purple Taurus” is deeply personal, you can expect more creative storytelling in the upcoming full length album, “Men on the Menu.”

I always wanted to learn to play guitar and luckily my first college roommate had a guitar! One day a man with a Superman Tattoo taught me how to tune the guitar without a tuner and then I was off! I was strumming along with a child’s beginner guitar book, playing two chord songs like Kumbaya and Home on the Range. The first song I wrote on guitar was a voicemail greeting for my cell phone. I’m like the Sterling Archer of voicemail greetings. A series of misforutnate events lead me to have my guitar playing privelages revoked and I had to buy my own guitar, which I still play today. A solid 12 years, later I had my first formal guitar lesson.

Music is the one thing I’m consistently good at, so that’s what I’m doing.

Katie Jo Pockat

I would love to get to know my fans and hear from you on social media! Stay tuned to learn more about me and the music I write.