From the front seat of a Ford…

From the front seat of a Ford truck, or was it a Chevy, my parents and I listened to the radio. Country music of course. The first song I remember singing along to was Shackles and Chains by Patty Loveless. I had no idea what the song was about, but I sure loved to belt along with her. My particular first memory of singing, we had company along with us in the truck, and whoever it was was astonished how well I could sing in key. I was standing on the front seat just singing my little heart out. Don’t ask why I wasn’t in my car seat, this was a different era.

These days I still like to sing along to the radio. My car speakers max out at a volume so quiet that high school me would have cried, but I still like to roll my windows down and sing. I am, however, no longer standing on the front seat of any vehicle I ride in.

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