Meeting Courtney Jean

Last Saturday night was a long overdue reuniting with fellow Wisconsin songwriter Courtney Jean. I thought she’d already moved to Arizona with her husband like she’d talked about for the last 2 years. To my delight she was in town and doing a show right in Appleton. I drove there and met her. She was radiant! Her guitarmanship was flawless and her set list was fire! She even invited one of her students up on stage to perform with her!

I sang harmonies to all the songs I knew. She said she could hear me join in and loved it! Her two originals melted my heart I met her muses: her husband Brandon and her friend Sarah. The night was so fun and we’ll definitely do it again.

Earlier this week, I met with Courtney at her office in the Appleton Rock School. We told each other our dreams and talked about the music we like to do and write. I showed her a song I wrote ten years ago and told her the story behind it. After a couple practice runs, we made a recording for YouTube.

We realize that our styles blend and our visions intersect at many points. We will be doing more shows together, with her on guitar and vocals and me joining in on the singing as well. Our strengths compliment each other, and I look forward to hearing the music we create together.

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