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Lambeau Field: It’s not the place, it’s the people

Playoff days in Lambeau are a whole different buzz of energy that I’m all about. I happened to have the weekend off from the typical caregiving nightshift grind, so I decided earlier in the week that I’d make the short drive to Green Bay to join in on the excitement. The drive there was remarkably quiet, until turning onto Lombardi Ave. I joked to my friend “You just know some people are going to come out in the afternoon just trying to go to Golden Basket and find themselves in bumper to bumper traffic whining ‘What’s going on here?!'”

We rolled into the lot of Madhouse Music parking lot for a bargain $30. I thought it was a little symbolic I was parking by a music business. My friend and I didn’t have to walk far before meeting our first group of Packer fanatics! A vibrant man who calls himself Packermania gave me a card to tag him on instagram @Packermania73 I posted our picture together on my Instagram as well Picture

The day was filled with quotes like “I hope you have box seats or you’ll freeze,” “You look too cozy to go sit in the stadium,” “Hey look it’s Supergirl again!” “I love the cape!” and my personal favorite, a quick point and muttering of “Oh! I love you!” The last one was probably the quickest anyone has ever gone from first seeing me to saying they love me.

While the game may not have ended in the win we all hoped for, I absolutely loved soaking in the atmosphere: feeling the cold on my face, exhaling frosty breaths, and taking pictures with all the characters around the stadium! Going to the game reminded me of everything I love about sports and how for a moment the worries of the world melt away. I pounce on every opportunity to dress like a superhero. Now that the weekend of February 26th has been freed up, I am able to commit to another Polar Plunge! If you would like to support Special Olympics Wisconsin, please consider making a donation for my Polar Plunge. Click the link to donate: Pledge to Polar Plunge

For those of you who don’t know, The Polar Plunge is where my social media profile pictures are from. That’s me jumping into a hole in the ice on Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh, WI. I’ll be returning again this year and you’ll get to see my updated costume. Since the water is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit (That’s 0 degrees Celsius for my international friends) it’s safe to say when I plunge is when I’m the coolest I ever am!

The rat gets the cheese

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