Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Work at Pretty Much Any Aldi

Aldi is an amazing grocery store chain

There are several reasons to work at Aldi; Here are my top 9:

1. They’re Hiring

Aldi, as well as pretty much every grocery store in the state right now is looking for hard workers like YOU to join their team. You can apply to work at an Aldi near you by click the following link: *Please be weary when clicking links on sites that aren’t trusted. The link is here to improve my SEO score, but it’s safest to walk into the location you’d like to apply at and ask how to apply.

2. They’re Understaffed

Like most entry level positions in the country, ALDI is struggling to find enough staff to operate smoothly

3. They’re an essential business

It’s hard to say what makes one business essential and another “luxury” but everyone in the community needs to eat food. For that reason ALDI and every other grocery store in the NATION operates as an essential business.

4. They pay up to DOUBLE min. wage!

If you’re needing a little more money than minimum wage, ALDI is paying upwards of $14 an hour for part time workers in some locations. Imagine earning $14 for stocking shelves and feeding the community! That’s a really great opportunity!

5. The Community Relies on ALDI

People of all walks of life are onto the genius that is Aldi Grocery Stores. It’s no longer attached to the stigma that only poor people shop at Aldi, yet their prices remain reasonable. And their produce continually meets the standard of excellence. For an example of cooking that is less than excellent, view my video of me attempting Aldi’s meatballs. There used to be a video on my IG, but it’s currently not working so here is my YouTube video.

6. The produce is the best around

I may have mentioned in the previous bullet point that Aldi has the best produce, but I have not yet mentioned their Aldi guarantee. You can bring back anything that isn’t up to YOUR STANDARD, RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND, and then get a copy of the same product, only better. I have seen people return open packages of bacon because there was too much fat on it, or perhaps it had spoiled or was otherwise past the sell by date at the time it was purchased. In this instance, Aldi remained true to their promise and issued a full refund while also replacing their product with a similar product, free from error.

7. Their prices can’t be beat

At this point in the blog, if you don’t get it, I don’t know how to drive this point home. Aldi is affordable, even for people like me, on tight budgets, who don’t qualify for Food Stamps AKA SNAP Benefits. I’m not sure if Aldi employees get a discount on groceries but there is produce that is brought to the checkout that isn’t purchased at the end of the day and cannot be sold again for legal reasons. Working at Aldi would possibly gain you access to their garbage bins where an employee could forage for usable food that is illegal to sell. I blogged about trying the meatballs in my year end blog.

8. They’re German

If you live in Wisconsin, odds are you have German blood coursing through your veins. If this is the case, Herzliche Glückwünsche <<I just googled how to say Congratulations in Deutsch and this is what Google spit out so if it’s wrong, take that up with Google. No Sprecken de Deutsch.

What would you add to the list?

I’ve been told that my web designer, Neel, has added a comment section to my blogs. We can start testing that out right now. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blogs. It’s been a while since I scored my Super Bowl predictions. I’m excited to see how this year’s season unfolds. I know I’m not alone in Green Bay. There is a rumor that Aaron Rodgers is in the works to signing a 4 year contract with Green Bay. Hopefully he appreciates these last 4 years of his contract and spends some time with his future wife getting to fall in love with the area we’ve all called home for almost our entire lives. G-d Bless!

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2 thoughts on “Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Work at Pretty Much Any Aldi”

  1. 🙂 Aldi has the best maple cookies ever. Thank you for introducing them into my life! Amongst other delicious goodies 😀

    1. Katie Jo Pockat

      Absolutely! Every time I find something delicious I feel it is my duty to alert my friends how delicious it is. I have some more if you ever want some. 💜

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