Back to College: Scoring my Super Bowl Predictions

I broke down each section from my former blog and found the predictions, then I added in the extra points which came from my monetary bets. Let’s see how I did.

Game Day Weather 2/3 points

I looked back on my predictions in the weather section of my last blog and found I had made 3 predictions, all very bold. One being there to be snow on the field before the game. This did not end up happening which I had said was very unlikely. I get zero points for this. Next, I predicted there would be a 25 degree drop in temperature to meet me halfway for my prediction. Since there is no way for me to search past weather fluctuations I’m going to give myself the point and say that at some point during the game, the temperature in Inglewood reached 57 degrees F. The final prediction for this section was that the Rams would be bundled up. I know I saw footage of a Ram’s player with a full face mask on on the sidelines. This counts as a correct prediction in my book, giving me 2/3 credit in this section. On to the next.

Special Teams predictions 1/3 points

In the specials teams section, I made three predictions, the first of which being that there was a missed kick inside of 30. While there were no missed field goals all game, there was a missed opportunity to kick an extra point which happens to be inside of 30 yards. While this was not the kicker’s fault by any means, the kick was still not made: thus giving me the credit for this accurate prediction. I had predicted a kickoff return for a touchdown or a punt return for a touchdown and neither of these things came to fruition giving me a total of 1 out of 3 possible points for this section.

MVP 0/2 Points

My two predictions for the MVP section were that either Andrew Whitworth would win it, or a defensive player would win it. Neither of these came true because Cooper Kupp won MVP. My line about the last defensive player to win an MVP alluded to the idea that I was talking about Andrew Whitworth. There were some experts who still maintain that the proper MVP of the game is indeed Aaron Donald, still the votes are in and the voters decided on Kupp. I get zero out of 2 points for this section.

Winning Team 0/1 Points

I really had my heart set on a Bengals win this year, but it just wasn’t their time yet. I earned zero points on this section.

Winning QB 1/1 Full credit

I predicted with nearly 100% certainty that the winning QB would wear number 9 jersey. Both QBs of each team are number nine. I cautioned that making the prediction with such confidence would open the door to a potential upset, but both QBs left the game in stable walking condition. I also prayed with my friend the week before the Super Bowl that nobody would get hurt, and as far as I know, nobody sustained a career-ending injury in the Super Bowl so I count that as a win in my book.

Final Game Score 0/1 Points

While I made some very specific score predictions which were contingent upon the Bengals having a huge game, there was only one correct score and I did not get that score. I hear Woody Page did correctly predict the score though, so good on him. I earn zero out of 1 possible point for this section.

5 points Extra Credit

This leaves the final score of my blog predictions at 4/11 which is a failing grade. However, I earned extra credit by making wagers. I placed two bets directly on the game when I went to the Casino. I placed my largest bet I’ve ever made ($100) that the Bengals would beat the +4 point spread. The payout for this earned me $190.90 which is a net profit of $90.90. This is what I meant by me betting my life. I have more than $100 but I don’t have $100 to throw away on something I’m not sure of. I used my Home Money and took some of the Casino’s House Money. But we all know that Love is what makes a House a Home. I love the Bengals.

My second bet was my larry bet I call it. I went with what the experts were predicting and that was a Ram’s win. I selected that the Ram’s would win by a margin of 1-6 and the payout was +290 which turned $5 into $19.50. While I was hoping for that Bengal’s win, I had to go with my brain and capitalize somehow. This was that bet. This puts my earnings at $105.40 just from the casino.

Final Score including extra credit 9/11

The final score including extra credit is 9/11 points. That’s an 81.81818181818 which rounds up to an 82% which is a B-. A B- isn’t bad when you consider that C’s get degrees. It’s not an A like I strive for, but it’s statistically and significantly more accurate than a coin flip. I had a lot of fun getting involved in the NFL again and I might set aside $5 a week to gamble with like I used to with my poker buddies in college. My apologies to poor Jack that one night my second time playing poker when I called with my 7 Deuce. I had no business being in that hand as long as I was but that’s the wild card factor of playing with a noob.

Prop bets

I’m not sure what constitutes a “prop bet” but I did win all 3 side bets I made with my dad and my uncle so props to me I guess. Here is the video of everything I bet my family on. It earned me $30 total and I didn’t even have to pay ahead of time. We just all signed the contract. I suppose if I had lost any of these bets I could have fled the country or erased the bets or torn up the contract, but in all actuality, it’s my uncle who still hasn’t paid up, so if you see that dude from the video anywhere around Green Bay Wisconsin, tell him he owes me $10. A deal is a deal.

All of these winnings deserve a reward. I joke that I was able to buy a ring with my earnings but the truth is I didn’t pay anything for the ring I now wear. I’m pretty sure it’s fake because I got it on Wish back in 2018. Unless someone in China decided to slip one past the goalie and give me a real one, I now get to wear a Purple heart ring with two Diamond stand-ins on each side. I really dig it. I’m guessing it must be stainless steal because I’m allergic to nickel, and this ring has not stained my fingers yet. Here’s what else I did with my earnings:

New Single

I’ve decided I’m not doing a single for Valentine’s Day anymore. This song Sushi Date is a cute song. It may have commercial success as it’s just a fun uplifting pop sounding beat. Since it came out in February I didn’t have time to promote it because I was so excited for the Super Bowl. So I guess if you want to have a single on Valentine’s Day, my manager will have to take care of all the marketing. And yes, I technically have a manager because I am a signed artist. It’s a small India label called Natural Records.

In the meantime, please enjoy my new single. I know I asked all my friends what they’d rather have for Valentine’s Day Sushi Date or Free Pizza and the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of Free Pizza. I promise you, I will get you the Free Pizza when it’s ready. You can catch the demo of me singing Free Pizza on my YouTube channel. I’m catching up on a lot of busy work and I’m finally starting to feel better as a result of all my hard work. Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and to everyone who has shown their support to me over this journey. I love you all.

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