Fair warning: I’m a Screamer!

I have decided to dedicate every blog from now until Halloween to my favorite holiday, the first of such blogs covering the topic of scary movies and friends.

Horror films creep me out and I can’t contain my scardey-cattedness. I always jump and usually scream when the ghost pop ups or the glass breaks or the door slams shut in the movies. My high school history teacher taught us that being in a frightening situation such as a haunted house or scary movie at the beginning of a relationship (or in his and his wife’s case, a walk through a graveyard) is a great way to build trust. At least that’s what I think he said; this was a long time ago so forgive me if I’m getting it wrong. Last weekend, I met some new friends and introduced my existing friends to new people as well, all for the shared event of a scary movie.

Every day last weekend, I kicked off “spooky season” and watched scary movies with my friends online. Ghostbuster was more of a comedy. Child’s Play was a tad less comedic. But Sunday night, I might as well have just pitched a tent and camped in a graveyard (which I actually did once for some messed up reason) because I did not sleep for the following 30 hours. The movie Insidious can take the credit for that ghoulish bout of insomnia. Thanks to a really cool movie watch party streaming service called Scener, my friends could hear my every startled “AH!” and “Oh My Gosh!” 

Luckily, my frightened interjections did not scare away my new chiller-watching pals and we have plans to stream another horror film this weekend. Maybe it is true that everybody loves a screamer. We may watch an indie film I first discovered 10 years ago, never learned the name of, and spent the last decade wondering what it was, all until my local librarian helped me hunt down the film, Haunting of Winchester House (2009) in case anyone else needs their mind blown.

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