First Kiss

Written with Caroline Nally
I was five
You were four
You met me at my camper door
We climbed trees
Skinned our knees
Just you and me and the summer breeze
Walked to the beach
Hand in hand
You smiled at me as we sat in the sand
You said I brought you here for this
Then you planted one on my lips
Our first kiss
We didn’t know what it was
But we were just kids
There’s no way it could’ve been love
Could it have been love
Freshman year
JV team
You played hard I cheered and screamed
Waiting outside after your game
Shared umbrella pouring rain
You brushed my cheek
I felt a rush
My knees fell weak
I’m sure I blushed
Our eyes locked and then our lips
I wasn’t expecting this
Our first kiss
Since that time when we were young
But we were still kids
There’s no way it could’ve been love
Could it have been love
Our ten year class reunion
You ask how I’ve been doing
You can’t remember the last time you saw me here
You took me by surprise
When you pressed your lips to mine
Our first kiss in years
I was 30
You were 29
You decided that it was time
And dropped to one knee
I said yes
I wore your ring and picked out a dress
The music started
Cannon in D
I walked down the aisle your eyes were on me
We said I do and smiled wide
Then the preacher said you may kiss the bride
Our first kiss
As husband and wife
Nothing beats this
I’ve been dreaming of this moment
Since I was five

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Released on: October 5, 2020
Label: Natural Records
Format: Digital Download and Streaming